all courts available via DPA-depositAll courts – from the police court in Aalst to the justice of the police court in Zaventem – are included in DPA deposit. Courts and tribunals that do not fall under Justice can also be accessed via DPA deposit.

If these courts work digitally (via E-deposit), you can send electronic statements of case and documents via DPA deposit. If they do not yet work digitally, you can choose from other channels:

  • Fax
  • Letter
  • Registered post


You send documents to these courts via the different channels in one step, from one environment. Read the other advantages of DPA deposit in this article.

Gradual roll-out of electronically available courts

Justice is gradually rolling out E-deposit at the different courts across the country. It is currently being introduced at justice of the peace courts and police courts. This means that it will be possible to access all Belgian peace and police courts via the electronic channel in DPA deposit between now and July 2018. The DPA team is also working together with the peace courts to permit the filing of other documents and facilitate digital filing with the Council for Alien Law Litigation.

Click here for a list of courts and the date from which they can accessed digitally.