Lawyers registered at a Flemish bar may opt to add an electronic signature certificate to their lawyer’s card.


The electronic signature can be used to digitally sign a PDF or Word document. These documents then have the same legal value as if they had been signed on paper (eIDAS compliant, thus legally recognised at EU level).

The digital signature certificate is not currently required in the RegSol application for lawyer-liquidators. However, the certificate is recommended for any further applications within RegSol.


Tick this box when applying for your lawyer’s card:

If you have already requested your card, it is still possible to activate the electronic signature later. Contact your bar for this purpose. You will then receive a new letter with PIN and PUK codes, which can be used to activate the certificate at the bar. Subsequent activation costs EUR 20.00 (excluding VAT).

Extra charge?

Activating the electronic signature certificate costs EUR 15.00 (excluding VAT) extra. If you activate it after you have already requested the card, the cost is EUR 20.00 (excluding VAT).

The certificate is automatically activated on the lawyer’s card for lawyers registered at a Walloon bar. The extra costs for this are already charged in advance.