electronic lawyer's cardAn electronic lawyer’s card will be available for every lawyer registered at a Belgian bar as from March. The Flemish Bar Council (OVB) and the Bar Council of French and German-Speaking Lawyers (OBFG) have worked together on this project because of the urgent need for a secure alternative to the CCBE card (of the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe), and for a means of identification and authentication for foreign lawyers without a Belgian ID.



The lawyer’s card contains

  • a chip
  • your photograph
  • personal details: surname, first name
  • unique lawyer’s number
  • a bar code
  • a card number

Use the card

  1. As a means of identification to enter the prison (the card replaces the paper CCBE card).
  2. To gain access to the existing services on the Digital Platform for Lawyers (DPA): National Register, Central Database of Attachment Notices (CBB) and the credit information service Graydon (the card replaces the eID).
  3. As access to the DPA deposit: the new online platform by which lawyers can communicate digitally with all Belgian courts, colleagues and even clients.
  4. In subsequent phases: to place a qualified electronic signature on documents, as a means of identification for fast-track entry to courts of appeal and district courts, as a means to register for accredited continuous professional development training, and to register for the Salduz web application.

How do you request the card?

  1. Lawyers and their employees can request their card online during the course of March using their Belgian eID. Foreign lawyers can request their card at the bar secretariat by producing an identity document.
  2. Zetes delivers the blocked card by courier to the bar. The PIN and PUK codes are delivered by ordinary post to the lawyer/employee.
  3. The lawyer/employee collects the card personally at the main bar (thus not from the OVB) and activates it there with his/her PIN code.

The card costs €85.00, excluding VAT. The electronic signature certificate is optional. If you wish to activate this, an additional €15.00 (excluding VAT) is payable.