tips for an easy deposit



By using DPA deposit, you can effortlessly and securely send documents and statements of case to the court, your colleague or a third party. All in one easy step.

These five tips make it even easier:

  1. If you wish to send a cover letter with your statement of case, upload the letter under the heading ‘statements of case’. The letter will then also be sent via the electronic channel.
  2. If you would like to quickly file documents with a court, upload them and immediately click ‘Next’. You will then be taken directly to the summary and can skip the other steps.
  3. If the court that you are sending to can receive digitally, the electronic channel is ticked automatically. Click immediately on ‘Next’ or ‘OK’.
  4. The address and contact details of the court are autofilled. You no longer have to look up those details yourself. While you can always adjust them, you can assume they have been included correctly in our database.
  5. If you are searching on the name of a lawyer, enter his/her surname first. Bear in mind that the full name including surname prefixes must also be entered for a search. Example: Jan A. Janssens.

Try these tips yourself on DPA deposit.