Perhaps you are already familiar with E-deposit, the digital means of communication that you can use to file online documents at certain courts. According to the FPS Justice website, it works quickly and securely. So why then is the legal profession making such a fuss about the DPA deposit?

Not a replacement, but a supplement

Let’s start by clarifying a few things: DPA deposit is not replacing E-deposit; it works in conjunction with it. Very specific arrangements have been made for this purpose with Justice. If you opt for the electronic channel, for example, that is actually E-deposit. But DPA deposit offers more. Depending on the recipient, you can also choose other channels:


  • fax
  • letter
  • registered post
  • e-mail

Direct access to E-deposit will eventually be closed to lawyers, so they all communicate with Justice via the same route. But the general public will be able to continue using it.

So what is the added value of DPA deposit?

  1. You log in with your lawyer’s card instead of your identity card. In this way, the system is certain that you are a practising lawyer. Foreign lawyers, without an eID, can also use the system.
  2. You can send various documents to different recipients via a number of channels. And this is all done simultaneously.
  3. All sent and received documents are securely stored in your DPA box, where you can download them.
  4. As legal software suppliers integrate their products with DPA deposit, you can file documents and receive incoming documents from the comfort of your office.
  5. You can also reach courts that do not fall under Justice or that still cannot receive digitally via this digital route.


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