DPA-deposit for all Belgian lawyersThe new DPA will soon be launched with DPA deposit as its first application. DPA (Digital Platform Attorneys) is a joint platform of the Flemish Bar Council (OVB) and the Bar Council of French and German-Speaking Lawyers (OBFG). All Belgian lawyers gain access via their electronic lawyer’s card.

DPA deposit

DPA deposit is the first application on the new platform. Via DPA deposit, lawyers can digitally transmit statements of case, exhibits and other documents to all Belgian courts of appeal and district courts (even those unable to receive digitally yet!), colleagues and third parties.

On 6 June, OVB and OBFG will hold a joint press conference. Justice Minister Geens will attend the press conference. We worked out the details of DPA deposit together with FPS Justice. The same solution is provided at national level. Justice also sees the added value of filing and transmitting documents via the professional groups and DPA deposit: as soon as DPA deposit is fully operational, e-deposit will be available only for the general public. Clear arrangements in this regard will be made with Justice.

DPA deposit roadshow

In order to facilitate the move to this new way of working, OVB organises a roadshow at all Flemish bars. During the training, lawyers will learn exactly what DPA entails and specifically how to start working with DPA deposit. Lawyers can register for the roadshow via the private section.