Justice palace AntwerpFrom 1 February 2018, the lawyer’s card will grant exemption from the scan lane at Vlinderpaleis (the New Palace of Justice) in Antwerp. If you present your lawyer’s card, you will not have to go through the scan lane for access control. Make sure that you order your lawyer’s card today, or collect it from your bar secretariat with your PIN and PUK code.

FPS Justice took over the scan lane at the Vlinderpaleis in Antwerp in December 2017. A private security firm is responsible for access control and oversees the scan lane. As all visitors go through access control, this increases security in the court building.

By showing a valid lawyer’s card at the main entrance, you are exempt from access control through the scan lane.


If you have not yet requested your lawyer’s card, apply for it today.

Besides using it for access to the court building, you can also use your lawyer’s card to file documents and statements of case online via DPA deposit, register as a receiver or liquidator on RegSol, and will also soon be able to carry out searches in the National Register.

Click here for more information about the applications of the lawyer’s card.

Temporary transition measure in January

As there are some delays in issuing lawyers’ cards, FPS Justice has introduced a temporary transitional period. Paper CCBE passes that have not yet expired will still be accepted at the Antwerp scan lane in January.

From 1 February 2018, only the new lawyer’s card will be accepted as an exemption from the scan lane. If you cannot produce such a lawyer’s card, you will have to go through the scan lane.

Similar systems will also be introduced at other court buildings.