As from June 2017, lawyers can file documents via DPA deposit with all Belgian courts – including those that do not yet work digitally – and send documents to their colleagues and even to their clients.

A legal framework has been created for filing via DPA deposit in order to provide legal certainty.

Your advantages?

  1. Only lawyers can use DPA deposit by registering with their lawyer’s card.
  2. DPA deposit attends to the transmission of the documents. You no longer have to check yourself whether a court can receive electronic documents. Courts that do not yet work digitally will receive the documents by post. DPA deposit also arranges that for you!
  3. All filed documents will be stored for at least two years in a central documents databank, the DPA box. You can always consult these documents there.
  4. Full integration with legal software packages is planned in due course, so you can transmit directly from your software documents via DPA deposit. There is ongoing consultation with software suppliers for this integration to be completed as soon as possible.
  5. The application is provided for a small user fee. The amount of the fee will be more than compensated by the efficiency gains in your daily practice.

National solution, together with Justice

The details of DPA deposit are being worked out with FPS Justice so the same solution is provided at national level. Justice also sees the added value of filing and transmitting documents via the professional groups and DPA deposit: as soon as DPA deposit is fully operational, e-deposit will be available only for the general public. Clear arrangements in this regard will be made with Justice.