Five tips for using DPA deposit

    By using DPA deposit, you can effortlessly and securely send documents and statements of case to the court, your colleague or a third party. All in one easy step. These five tips make it even easier: If you wish to send a cover letter with your statement of case, upload the letter under […]

E-Deposit or DPA deposit?

Perhaps you are already familiar with E-deposit, the digital means of communication that you can use to file online documents at certain courts. According to the FPS Justice website, it works quickly and securely. So why then is the legal profession making such a fuss about the DPA deposit? Not a replacement, but a supplement Let’s […]

Countdown to Digital Platform Attorneys

The new DPA will soon be launched with DPA deposit as its first application. DPA (Digital Platform Attorneys) is a joint platform of the Flemish Bar Council (OVB) and the Bar Council of French and German-Speaking Lawyers (OBFG). All Belgian lawyers gain access via their electronic lawyer’s card. DPA deposit DPA deposit is the first […]

Training bar secretaries on lawyer’s card

Today all Belgian bar secretaries followed an intense training on the electronic lawyer’s card. They learned all about the process of the card application and activation and practiced with the special ‘lawyer’s card kit’. Afterwards, they took an exam to become a certified Local Registration Authority Officer (LRAO). Pilot bars Bruges and Liège Bruges and […]

Unique lawyer’s card

An electronic lawyer’s card will be available for every lawyer registered at a Belgian bar as from March. The Flemish Bar Council (OVB) and the Bar Council of French and German-Speaking Lawyers (OBFG) have worked together on this project because of the urgent need for a secure alternative to the CCBE card (of the Council […]